Welcome to Grid Slider

Grid Slider is a premium multi-purpose plugin for WordPress that allows you to create presentations in the form of a very elegant grid. It can be used to display posts, products, images or videos in a customized or dynamic way.

This plugin was developed with usability and simplicity in mind. It has a clean administrative area with the necessary resources for you to create and manage your sliders in a simple and fast way.

A great advantage of this plug-in is its high level of customization. You can modify and adjust almost anything you like.
You can choose font families, text colors, letter spacing, word spacing, border width, effects, transitions, layouts and much more.

General Features

Easy to install and usage

Layout Options

Currently the plugin has 17 layouts for you to choose from. Certainly one of them will fit well for your page.

Available Features

The Grid Slider has fantastic features, allowing you to create video grids and image galleries. Compatible with major modern browsers, it supports youtube, vimeo and lightbox effects.

Dynamic Content

The Grid Slider has dynamic grids. With this feature you can fill the positions inside each grid using your WordPres posts or Woocommerce products. This way it is much faster and more practical to create sliders.